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permanently adv : for a long time without essential change; "he is permanently disabled" [syn: for good] [ant: temporarily]

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  1. in a permanent manner

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Permanently is the third studio album of American country music singer Mark Wills. Released in 2000 on Mercury Nashville Records, the album produced three singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts: "Back at One", "Almost Doesn't Count", and "I Want to Know (Everything There Is to Know About You", which peaked at #2, #19, and #33, respectively. Two of these singles were covers of R&B songs: "Back at One" was previously cut by Brian McKnight, and "Almost Doesn't Count" by Brandy.
The album itself peaked at #3 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and #23 on The Billboard 200, making for Wills's highest peaks on these two charts. In addition, Permanently received RIAA gold certification for U.S. sales of 500,000 copies.

Track listing

  1. "This Can't Be Love" (Mark Nesler, Tony Martin) – 3:40
  2. "Rich Man" (D. Vincent Williams, Rory Lee) – 3:22
  3. "The Perfect Conversation" (Billy Kirsch) – 3:55
  4. "Still Waiting" (Harley Allen) – 3:31
  5. "Because I Love You" (Skip Ewing, Chuck Cannon) – 3:57
  6. "Right Here" (Billy Simon, Carson Chamberlain, Randy Boudreaux) – 3:36
  7. "Time Machine" (Tim Mensy, Monty Criswell, Martin) – 3:49
  8. "Permanently" (Steve Bogard, Josh Kear) – 3:11
  9. "Almost Doesn't Count" (Shelly Peiken, Guy Roche) – 3:40
  10. "Forget About Love" (Gary Harrison, Jeff Silver, Chip Martin) – 3:23
  11. "In My Arms" (Mark Wills, Michael White, Criswell) – 4:09
  12. "I Want to Know (Everything There Is to Know About You)" (Lewis Anderson, Bob Regan) – 3:16
  13. "Back at One" (Brian McKnight) – 4:06



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